There are many companies out there that would provide you with cheap web hosting services. Fortunately, the tough competition in this field elevates the quality and the level of service of these companies. Even in pricing, each company tries to offer better prices while offering more in order to beat the competition.

Like any other business, there are some companies who can be described as the top companies. Below is a list of the top companies that offer the cheapest hosting buy still deliver a quality product.

Cheapest Priced Hosting Plans

Company Price Money Back Performance Rating Review
Visit iPage
Subscription Choices
36 Month Price - $3.50 per month
24 Month Price - $1.99 per month
12 Month Price - $1.99 per month
Anytime UptimeUptime:
Response TimeSpeed:
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Visit Just Host
Subscription Choices
36 Month Price - $3.95/mo.
24 Month Price - $2.95/mo.
12 Month Price - $2.95/mo.
Anytime UptimeUptime:
Response TimeSpeed:
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Visit Blue Host
Subscription Choices
36 Month Price - $3.95/mo.
24 Month Price - $4.95/mo.
12 Month Price - $5.95/mo.
Anytime UptimeUptime:
Response TimeSpeed:
9.7 Read More

What is Cheap Hosting?

Cheap hosting is a web hosting plan that is made for people who are on a budget or don't require much performance to host there site. These hosts offer basic features that can’t be found at the free web hosting level but do provide all the features you'd expect from a higher paid host, i.e. good customer service.

Why use Cheap hosting?

If you are an individual who runs a website and needs an affordable web hosting service, then cheap web hosting is the way to go. They will offer you the minimum amount of features that are needed to efficiently run your website without costing you much. They will offer you the features you need but could never get from the free web hosting providers.

What can you do with Cheap Hosting?

You can use cheap web hosting services in order to host your website without paying the very expensive fees that are asked by the traditional web hosting providers. You can utilize these services to get the features you require if you are on a tight budget.

Finding the best Cheap Hosting Provider

It is vital to understand that when you are looking to hire the services of a cheap web hosting provider that the word cheap refers to the price and not to the quality of the service. Going cheap does not mean you should settle with a bad package or bad quality.

When you are trying to decide on the best cheap web hosting provider, you will have to compare between the different providers. This comparison should include the prices (monthly fee), the features that are provided, the quality of the client support service, the reliability and the control panel and its ease of usage.

It is also very important to balance these aspects, so don’t go with the cheapest price on the expense of the quality and such. Balance between them to find the best cheap web hosting provider. Since there are hundreds of firms that will provide you with cheap web hosting, using these aspects to compare between them will be the smart decision.